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White Filter kettle
White Filter kettle
White Filter kettle
White Filter kettle
White Filter kettle
White Filter kettle (white)

White Filter kettle (white)

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1.Preparation filter
The clean cold water injection pot will filter soak in cold water and gently stir to eliminate air bubbles, water drained from filter
2. Installation of the filter element
Place the filter in the funnel hole. Put it firmly in place.
3. Water injection in the filter kettle
Press the lid with your finger open in your mouth, directly to the cold water injection into the filter. When the water reaches the upper limit of the water injection, it is loose. Open the lid of the finger in the mouth.
4 active filter
You must pass twice to filter, you can activate the filter element. The two filters before the water drains, thirdly when it filters, you can enjoy cleaner, purer and more delicious filtered water.
5. Filter element replacement screen setting
After activating the filter element, press the "Start" button (start) for about six seconds, until the four bar screen appears so far. Each screen bar filters the wastewater filter, when the bar has disappeared, you must replace the filter element.

Product description
Your water filter jug offers many advantages
Improves the taste of hot and cold drinks.
It is economical and practical.
Extends the life of household appliances preventing a lower scale from accumulating.
It is ideal for cooking healthy foods.
It gives full flavor and better tea and coffee flavor.
Filtration technology
It reduces lime and substances, for example Chlorine, which affects the taste and smell.
It reduces your well-being metals such as lead and copper that may be present in the water due to domestic plumbing. Due to the natural MicroporeFilter and powerful protective filter.
Wheelton cartridge life
The life of the Wheelton cartridge depends on the local water quality, such as water hardness.
To ensure optimal performance, you should change the cartridge every 2 months for an average family.
FlowControl: perfect filtration
FlowControl guarantees the perfect filtration time for best results thanks to the ideal combination of
The cartridge and funnel of the Brita water filter.

color: White
Size: 10*7.8*5.1cm

Package includes:
1 * filter

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