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Mini Automatic Vacuum Pump
Mini Automatic Vacuum Pump
Mini Automatic Vacuum Pump
Mini Automatic Vacuum Pump
Mini Automatic Vacuum Pump
Mini Automatic Vacuum Pump
Mini Automatic Vacuum Pump

Mini Automatic Vacuum Pump

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Mini Automatic Vacuum Pump Compression Electric Vacuum Pump New Multifunction Effective Food Preservation

100% brand new and high quality
Compared with hand pump, this automatic vacuum sealer pump are more easier to operate and more effective.
Rechargeable design for more convenient use. And lithium power with up to 3 hours cordless run time.
Adopts with distinctive suction technology to create an air-tight environment for food preservation, it is tested that 5X longer and fresher than other vacuum sealer.
It comes with 5PCS reusable vacuum sealer bags that can be frozen to help you extend food freshness and keep better preservation.
It also can be used to vacuum clothes bag for better storage and save room.

Material: ABS
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Charging time: 2~3 hours
Using time: Approx.3 hours
Color: Blue

How to Use (Step by Step):
Fill Bag With Food
To get started with this food-sealing system, fill one of the six bags in your set with a food item of your choice. You can fill the bag up to the top or fill it only a quarter full, based on your needs—this won't change the performance of the system press Button On Device.

Next, place the blue food-sealing device included with your set on top of the plastic bag that you just filled. If you've got it right-side up, you should see a small white button on top and should be able to read the words on the logo. If that's not the case, just flip the device over. Once it's right-side up, press the white button to suck all the air out of the food-filled plastic bag underneath it.

Close Up Bag and Store
After you've sucked the air out of the plastic bag in front of you by using the compact blue food-sealing device, close up the bag's double-zip fastener at the top. Following that, you can store your food as you normally would, but with the expectation that it'll last longer.

How It Works:
Many people use traditional zip-lock bags to store and seal food, or they wrap the food in tinfoil. However, these methods tend to trap air around the food, which makes it go bad more quickly than it would otherwise. On the other hand, the Always Fresh Seal Vac system gets rid of trapped air in two different ways. First of all, the blue food-sealing device sucks any excess air out of each zip-lock bag before you seal it. Furthermore, each bag that's part of this system has a unique zip-lock seal that will let air out but won't let any air in. The presence of as little air around the food as possible in these bags will ensure that the food within them stays fresh for as long as possible.

Package Included:
1 x Vacuum Pump

Large vacuum bag size: 26X34 cm
Small vacuum bag size: 22cm * 21cm

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