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Mega™ Cat Window Hammock
Mega™ Cat Window Hammock
Mega™ Cat Window Hammock
Mega™ Cat Window Hammock
Mega™ Cat Window Hammock
Mega™ Cat Window Hammock
Mega™ Cat Window Hammock
Mega™ Cat Window Hammock
Mega™ Cat Window Hammock
Mega™ Cat Window Hammock

Mega™ Cat Window Hammock

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Cats love to look out the window. They like to lay out in the sunshine and stalk birds and other critters they spot out the window. Looking out of the window keep cats entertained for hours. It makes them feel like a part of the outdoors – all within the comfort and warmth of their own home. A cat window hammock provides your cat with a great view of the outdoors along with a comfy bed to relax and stretch out on. It’s like a front-row seat to your cat’s favorite movie. What more could she want?

Introducing our cat travel hammock bed - it instantly suctions to any window, offering a comfy and secured perch for your cat to sleep beneath warming sunbeams, while staying off furniture. The best part is the stability of the bed. Your cat won't feel any drastic movements and enjoy laying in the comfy hammock. Imagine yourself on a high-speed bullet train where you don't feel the high speed and enjoy the experience. And of course, it can be mounted on any windows.

It offers sanctuary for multiple cats. Measuring 68 cm x 28 cm and holds up to 15kg. Get yours today before it's gone!

    • Product material: Oxford cloth + Nylon + PP + PVC
    • Item Type: Pet Beds, Sofas, Toys
    • Wash Style: Hand Wash
    • Pattern: Solid
    • Bearing Weight: 15kg (33lb)
    • Product Size: 67cm x 25cm
    • Suit For: Cat and Small Pets
    • Installation Location: Door back / House Window / Car Window


Benefits You Get:

- Offer a Cosy Lounge: your pet to keep an eye on the neighborhood, enjoy sunbathing, or settle down for a nap.

- Relieve Boredom: This Cat Window Bed helps relieve boredom for indoor kitties and keeps them entertained as they jump in and out easily.

-Give Cat Thier Own Special Spot: This hammock gives cats an out-of-reach escape from dogs and children in the household.

- Meet Cat’s Curiosity: Give your cat a new field of vision and a stable bed to enjoy the sun on the window, save pet bed space.

- Offer the Best Naps Ever: This includes a soft and warm cushion to make it ultra-comfortable for snoozing

- Not Just for Cats: This hammock holds up to 33 lbs so it's perfect for kitties, puppies, and small dogs.

- Space Saver: You can use this Cat Window Perch to decorate your home window, as a shelf to hold books, kid toys or even pet toys!

- Super Sturdy: Industrial strength suction cups hold up to an amazing 30 pounds. Your cat must jump in and jump out of this resting seat, which is another kind of exercise, keeping good health of your cat.

- Unique Design: The half-pod design is entirely open at the top so that cats can easily go in and out.

-Easy to Install: There are no tools needed to install, and you can place it at any height either inside or outside the window.


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