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American dust cover blanket
American dust cover blanket
American dust cover blanket
American dust cover blanket
American dust cover blanket
American dust cover blanket

American dust cover blanket

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Material: Cotton
'Ingredient content: 81% (inclusive) -90% (inclusive)
Pattern: geometric pattern
Style: Mediterranean
Color classification: old geometry
Specifications: 90*150cm single sofa cushion 90*180cm double sofa cushion 90*210cm three sofa cushion 130*180cm single sofa full cover 180*230cm double sofa full cover 230*250cm three-seat sofa full cover 90*240cm three Sofa cushion 180*340cm 230*280cm 180*260cm 230*330cm 90*90cm
Suitable for: three-seat sofa

You must know before buying it:
[If you are temporarily unable to measure]
       For the standard sofa, it is a 130x180cm cover single sofa, a 180x230cm cover double sofa, a 230x250cm cover three-seat sofa, and a large or small sofa can be compatible with the upper and lower sides.
The other models are 230x330cm oversized for larger three-seat sofas and sofa sets.
  There are several combinations of L-shaped sofas:
 1. The most common is two 180x230cm, one horizontal cover double position and one vertical cover position.
  2. Wide L-shaped sofa, you can choose one 230x330cm horizontal cover three-person position, one 180x230cm vertical cover position.
 Or choose a 180x230cm horizontal double seat, a 130x180cm vertical cover single position, a 180x230cm vertical cover 妃
    Some small sizes of 90x90cm are suitable for sofa armrests, sofa backs, upholstery and small round tablecloths. 90x150cm, 90x180cm, 90x210cm suitable for sofa seating, kitchen floor, sofa front floor, bed end, bed, bay window cushion, etc.
[About multi-purpose]

       1 (sofa blanket) protects and decorates the sofa, can be fully covered, or can be draped on the sofa to decorate.

       2 (carpet) Watching TV or taking a nap during lunch break.

        3 (tablecloth) coffee table, dining table, desk tablecloth, add color to your room.

        4 (Panel window mat) can be used as a living room or bedroom tapestry.

        5 ( tapestry) is a room tapestry with a unique pattern and very taste. It can be nailed or hung.

        6 (bed blanket) dotted with your bedroom, dust, padding or covering people, all are ok.

        7 (carpet) three-layer cotton woven can be used as a soft carpet, soft and non-slip texture, but can not be compared with 10,000 carpets, decoration is the main, is a blanket, you need to move often, you can press the weight of the tea table and other heavy objects, or match A PVC anti-slip mat underneath.





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